Monday, April 14, 2014

bed bugs, bed bug bites & bed bug images

Bed bugs bed bug bites.

I have talked to many people living with bed bug overs many years while providing canine detection and bedbug remediation services. What was to my amazement and still remains is the wide range of reactions to known bed bug bites.  That ranch includes absolutely no indication of being bitten too unimaginable reactions to bedbugs.
Low reaction

Early in my canine career I would feed bed bugs being raised for training to keep them alive. I had very little reaction to their bites.

Because bed bugs do not have teeth and due to the range of reactions to bedbug bites. At this time it remains impossible to identify a bite as being from a bed bug.

moderate to server reaction
Bites do however help in identifying a problem. The location of the bits and understanding a time line of when the mark appeared is helpful.

If you suspect you are being bitten by bed bugs.bedbug photos It is important to inspect areas that you sleep and spend most of your time sitting. If there is evidence of bed bugs or you need additional help with an evaluation. Call a professional in your area for help.

Bedbug bites, evidence = call a bedbug specialist.

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