Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Management Program or a Remediation program

   Management program or a Remediation program?

Below is an actual Pest Control Posting on their web site.

Sustainable Bed Bug Management - For facilities in which complete elimination is not possible due to financial restrictions or factors such as high people movement and high occupancy turn over, (Name removed to protect my children) will work with facilities managers to determine a minimal, tolerable level of bed bugs, along with strategies to maintain that level.


A Remediation program - the action of remedying something, the reversal or stopping of damage to your environment- your home, office, apartment, dorm room, tour bus, taxi cab.

Todays Pest control companies will tell you they want the distinct privilege of providing an effective solution to Pest control. The reality is most only provide a pest control management program.

Why-The classic explanation of the difference between a project manager and a program manager is that project managers are concerned with deliverables-the quality and structure of a service, whereas program managers aren’t so much concerned with the deliverables that the individual project produces, but more with the overall benefit derived for the organization they are employed by- That is income.
Companies driven by the bottom line do not have project managers. They have short staffs guided by program managers seeking profits.

Everyone is familiar with bundles. Our cable companies have made it a household term. Growing up I remember the phrase bundle of kindling. Small sticks bundled together to help start a campfire. Bundles are today’s way of selling more for less. What it really means is less for more.

Remediation is the action of remedying something, the reversal or stopping of damage to the environment- your home, office, apartment -your environment.

Remediation involves a company mission of empowering managers capable of developing a plan and implementing procedures. A Sales team interested in selling the concept supported by field technicians able and willing to deliver.  

Solutions require agents of change, a process to correct a problem. A responsible action by anyone that controls any place people inhabit. A landlord, property manager, operation manager or head of house hold.  Someone willing to engage with a company that has proven solutions to eliminating all stages of bedbugs. No matter what the treatment type.

Sustainable Bed Bug Management- Bundling concessions to provide less for more than it is worth. Is it any surprise- managers developing a minimal service to maintain a tolerable level of bed bugs, along with strategies to maintain that target level exists?
It was to me until I discovered this first hand while doing K-9 inspections for some Pest Control Companies in the Pittsburgh and New York areas in 2010. It is more the norm than the exception.

I found it repulsive, irresponsible and it most disturbing without ethics. An unconscionable approach without regard to the tenants and their well-being. A self-preserving, money grapping scam.
Is this your landlord? Is this your company? Is this your management style? Are you writing the checks for this type of program?  If so- take a stand and help make a difference because you are the catalyst of the bed bug problem.
What’s is next- Content. Everyone has it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are you troubled by bedbugs? Are you wondering if you have bedbugs? Does a friend, family member or co-worker have bedbugs?

One of these three questions will cross your mind at some time in the future. Bedbugs are becoming very common in Pittsburgh. As Pittsburgh’s popularity grows. Whether form our fantastic hospitals, world renownouned education institutions, international leading technical development, the black and gold sports teams and even now a favorite destination for travelers.

Yes- Pittsburgh is a special place to work, play, live, learn, heal and visit. Is is also become a habitat for bedbugs. 

Bedbugs are hitchhikers, hitchhikers like travelers. This is the receipt for a continued growth of the bedbug problem in my favorite city.

There are countless ways to treat for bedbugs. What is most important to understand is if the treatment is a management program or a remediation program?