Friday, May 25, 2012

How long is your leash ?

I have always been amazed at how ridged some companies policies are. It is understandable that policies are put in place to structure responses to situations.

What is curious is why companies have managers of departments, which cannot deviate from a company policy.

One is either a manager or a follower. Most companies could replace their managers with followers. As most managers are merely followers and have no authority to manage.

We recently had a heat treatment in which the possibility of the service preformed was in question. The customer was concerned that the possibility of having a recurrence of the problem would place the timing of our guarantee in question.

Because of our success rate in the service provided. I was confident that the service was in deed completed as promised. I did however waive the 30 days guarantee to help bring some comfort to the customer.

There is a balance to every situation. I do not want one shot at everyone. I want to develop lasting relationships with people. By being loyal to my customers I believe the bi product of that is their continued patronage.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bedbugs, Pest Control in Pittsburgh and customer loyalty

Bedbug remediation has become a new standard of service. Is you PCO up for the challange?

What is loyalty

Is your bed bug specialist loyal? Loyalty

Do they give you a reason to be loyal to them?

In my opinion it is the easiest relationship to foster. It is also the easiest relationship to ruin.

Delivering on promises builds the foundation of loyalty. Personal or business. The bricks and mortar that bridge the ups and downs of any and all relationships.

The secret is communication. Fulfill all your promises and deliver on them with out hesitation. Be proactive in you decisions. When problems arise use them as learning opportunities and forge ahead.

If you live your life with out hesitation, treat people honorably and most importantly have a passion for your mission. Loyalty will be the buy product for your efforts.

Loyalty is not earned by a bogo. It is not an extra slice at the meat counter. It is an unspoken relationship earned over time.

Bedbug remdiation is a far more complex service than most pest control. The time and energy invested in clients can be extensive.
Has your Pest Control Company lost their passion, have they delivered on their promise, have they gained your loyalty.

What is next.  Content and how Pest Control Companies are offering less for more and why.