Sunday, November 4, 2012

 Whats in the works

Does your  remediation plan include your car(s)? Why is this important.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pest control and Pest management is a Culture

My goal is to improve my industry.

Below is a response to a tweet I made on Twitter.

@WilliamCurryk9 so if a mngmnt company has a good pco but too many infestations they can't stop and about to go bankrupt, whats ur solution?"

After reading the above statement-Is there any question why so many suffer from bed bugs?

Pest Control is a serious business. Just ask the health department in your town.

What is most curious to me is how passive many are with in the Pest Control industry. It is a Culture that needs changed.

I got involved in the bed bug detection business many years ago. As a professional canine handler I was routinely hired by Pest Control companies to visit sites to do Pre and post treatment inspections.

Probably to no ones surprise there was a lot of interest in the possibility of work to be generated due to any findings of live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs during a pre treatment inspection. Equally troubling is the pressure placed on handlers not to find any evidence on a post treatment inspection.

I have spent hundreds of hours inspecting large apartment complexes around the northeast .I quickly began to see a pattern evolving with large regional and nation pest control companies. One company even posted the concept on their web site.

Sustainable Bed Bug Management - For facilities in which complete elimination is not possible due to financial restrictions or factors such as high people movement and high occupancy turn over, (Name removed to protect my children) will work with facilities managers to determine a minimal, tolerable level of bed bugs, along with strategies to maintain that level.

What was becoming the norm was not bed bug elimination. It was managing the bed bug populations. The gauge of success of a treatment was as long as the problem is maintained- not increasing. They did not care which apartments had bed bugs.

 Those that know me understand that I will always point to the simple fact that one is a victim first then culprit. There is not a building on this planet that wants the presence of bed bugs. There is however a responsibility of every tenant, building owner/manager to deal with this problem once it is discovered. Left unattended – victim turns culprit and one will than have an unmanageable problem.

So when I read the following @WilliamCurryk9 “so if a mngmnt company has a good pco but too many infestations they can't stop and about to go bankrupt, whats ur solution?"

I have two issues with this statement.

“So if a mngmnt company has a good pco but too many infestations they can't stop.”

 The biggest problem I have with this statement is A GOOD PCO.  A good PCO would not participate in a part time program. If the ownership were not capable due to money restraints of total control, a reputable company would pass. Why- A PCO developing a plan around a budget for bed bug elimination is reckless and nothing but a money grabbing opportunity. It is not good will. To determine a tolerable level of bed bugs involves greed by both the PCO and the property owner. This practice completely misses the impact these bugs have on people lives, their personal content as well as the people that they come in contact with. It is calculated premeditated reckless behavior.

A behavior that already has grave liability implications.

I can see it now- Apartment for rent- Tolerable level of bed bugs included. Free Wi-Fi, a must have!!!!!    NOT

The second issue is the statement  “is allowing a problem to exist just because the owner may go bankrupt”. Plenty of slum lords in America. Hud being the largest. Bed bug remediation is a line item expense. If it is not on your general ledger than you better get up to speed.

As what radon and mold did for home inspections, bed bugs will be part of home and building inspections. The lawyers are licking their chops on this topic and there is big money involved.

When it comes to bed bugs. The phrases Pest control and Pest management is a Culture, a theme that falls far short as the goal.

Find a bed bug specialist in your area to help develop a remediation plan which includes the following:

Helping identifying the potential source of the bed bugs- eliminate source, reduce the likelihood of a re-infestation
Treatment options
Develops action plans for the remediation. This should include a time frame, a content management program, how to address the structure and costs involved.
References for each considered treatment-this will expose levels of experience

I will close with this:

“It is as much the American way to be average, neglectful or being the benchmark of an industry. The path you choose will define you.” Wm. Curry ii

Have questions- just ask.