Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bed Bugs-Facts are Golden

“Field conditions are usually much more complex than laboratory environments.”

Well there is a surprise.

To sell a monitor with no in field study and to solely rely on a controlled laboratory experiment is the epitome of -The Snake Oil Salesmen

“The presence of a human host, clutter, furniture, and various odors from food and household cleaning agents could significantly affect the performance of a bed bug monitor.”

Yet another surprise

“suggested that an effective monitor can be used in unoccupied infested rooms to trap the hungry bed bugs and for reducing the probability of bed bugs dispersing into adjacent uninfested rooms.”

HUMMM ---- Morton's or McDonald’s ???????? but wait-

“Further research is needed to optimize the chemical lure release rate and CO2 release rate and to evaluate the effectiveness of baited monitors under various field conditions.”

WOW I am enlightened.

Interesting how all this information is left out of the advertising. No disclaimers or side effects. But on sale now.

The sensationalism and buzz over bedbugs is only exceeded by the greed of those trying to corner a market with garbage.

Home Bed bugs traps, lures, and kits to keep college students from getting bed bugs. Even-Executive Travel Kits. On and On. None with guarantees.

I see these items every week. Clients – DIY enthusiasts, desperate people trying to rid their homes of bed bugs. All regret having spent the time in any of these products.

Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion

It is easy and cheep to make a company, a product or service look legitimate  on line. Self-proclaimed experts selling a-z in bed bug care. Selling services and products to meet all economic levels all while taking money. Fraternities of individuals miss leading uninformed individuals, making a living promoting, selling or promising anything they can at the expense of their clients with out regard of out come.


Again I close with this

“It is as much the American way to be average, neglectful or being the benchmark of an industry. The path you choose will define you.” Wm. Curry ii

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bed bug Information

                                         Are you a gambler?

Are you or is your PCO banking on the  information depicted in the graph below to remediate your home form Bed Bugs?

This is a graph dome by the University of Kentucky. It represents the bed bugs found in 13 infested apartments.

I am a bed bug remediation specialist and I will agree with most of the information above. It is however very misleading for the following reasons.

Do to DIY applications of- the so called bed bug killing sprays that are sold over the counter,  are mostly repellants. Most of these products create a barrier and discourage the bed bugs from crossing . Bed bugs are very common in nightstands and other areas around the beds components because of these products and application area.

The area most misrepresented in this study is the area between the bedroom and couch. This must be part of -OTHER.

 My company does heat treatments almost every day of the week. Almost every home that I have found with live activity of bed bugs in a bedroom has had the host of that bedroom move to another room of the house. Most often that move involves a couch. When a host leaves, bed bugs will migrate in search of a new host, a transition. The area and duration of the transition between the bedroom and couch becomes an opportunity for endless exposer to a dwelling. The time frame is undefined due to the laying of eggs and other host discovered along the way.

A big reason that my company has a 99.1 % complete elimination of all stages of bed bugs after one Heat Treatment is that no area or any contents within a structure confirmed with live activity of bed bugs is left untreated.

The area in the study labeled-OTHERS, which must include the laundry, is very misrepresented with my experience as both a canine handler and bed bug remediation specialist.  The single greatest reason for a failure of a bed bug remediation is due to- OTHER -not being addressed.
The structure that one lives is simply a conduit for bed bugs to move. The ultimate habitat with unrestricted access

Lastly- the study does not cover content of a dwelling or personal automobiles. Why not- because most do not have the ability and resources to manage these areas so why cover it.

I have a content management program that addresses any level of content and I routinely heat treat cars, trucks, vans, busses, boats, aircraft…

So what is my concern and reason for addressing the study?

There are companies teaching the limited preparation is the answer to bed bug elimination. A new plan of attack - to do less and have greater results. Many are looking for ways to do less and like the fact that they can do less for the same compensation.

A company banking on the information depicted in the graph to focus all their efforts in obvious areas while discounting other areas is a gambler. Playing the odds while a customer pays the toll. If you are treating the bedrooms, living room and passing on the bathrooms, hallways, laundry room, kitchen, dining room and home office- you are spot treating.

I do not gamble. I strive for success with out any consideration of short cuts. My record is the foundation of my efforts.

Remember-Compromise is the first step of accepting less.