Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am not a fan of public display of bed bug issues. That is the potential reckless reporting of bed bugs.


Victim or culprit?

This in many cases is a fine line. A hotel, airline, bus company,roommate,library,a friends house, etc.can have bed bugs with out knowing. In this case a situation could place a victim in a bad and unfair spot by advertising the problem.

Neglect of corrective matters after knowing of a bed bug exposer is however not except able. If you know of a problem you should inform the owner or manager that can make a difference. A corrective action is required. They should only be judged on how they react.

Defaming a victim is simple an easy way out at someones else's expense. Or at least until they come after you for it.

Bed bugs are serious business. There is no room for unwarranted finger pointing. The solution is timely communication and remediation.